The IRO Women of Faith Wing (WOF) meets monthly to deepen the understanding of the different faiths of the participants. The WOF, headed by Sr Maria Lau, has also an ongoing array of fun and meaningful activities each month, including the Walking the Path of our Culture and History series where visits are organised to places of worship. The highlight WOF event in 2019 was the International Women’s Day Celebration on 2nd March 2019, where Stories of the Impact of Women in Religions were shared by members of the Baha’i, Christian, Muslim and Taoist faiths. Over 50 men and women of different faiths attended and enjoyed the event that included a trivia quiz.

In addition, the WOF have organised forums and symposiums on these themes:

  • Women and Prayer from the different faith perspectives.
  • Drawing inspiration from Religious Saints or Religious Women from different faiths.
  • Against all odds – how one’s faith and belief in the goodness of people gives hope in times of suffering and difficulties in life.
  • Using film followed by sharing interfaith stories as a means of reflection and dialogue.
  • Sharing food that has meaning to different faiths during their religious festival celebrations.