The IRO Talks & Lecture Series serves as an avenue for members and friends of IRO to deliberate on topics that  foster a greater understanding between different religions in Singapore. In doing so, the initiative affirms IRO’s commitment to enhancing the moral fabric and security of our nation.

The lecture series was launched in 2013 with the hope of generating thought leadership on topics related to interfaith. During each lecture, the speaker present the topic to an environment of fellowship, where all members of the audience are encouraged to participate, ask questions and share their views.

IRO also hold talks that educate members of public about the philosophy, values and traditions of the different religions in IRO.

Highlights of Recent Lectures

1 April 2019:
“Is Interfaith Harmony Fact or Fiction?”
by Mr Bilahari Kausikkan, Chairman, Middle East Institute, NUS
7 May 2019:
“A new mindset for religious harmony”
by Dr. Phyllis Chew Professor, National Institute of Education
21 January 2020:
“Human Dignity, Inclusivism and Positive Interreligious Relations”
by Professor Abdullah Saeed is the Sultan of Oman Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia