The IRO Youth Wing was founded in 2003 and was refreshed with some new members and new activities in 2019. An active group of young adults of all faiths who have an interest in inter-religious affairs and current events, they are present at IRO events, and also attend informal dialogues with topical spotlights on inter-religious questions, as well as talks by youth members about their own experiences. The IRO Youth Wing launched Untitled Conversations on 25 April 2019, where the purpose of the event was to create safe space for conversations among young people from different faiths. President Halimah Yacob joined the youths as a special guest and participated in the discussions. President Halimah was very impressed with the event and commended IRO for taking such initiatives to groom young interfaith leaders. The IRO Youth had also participated in overseas study trips to deepen their understanding of inter-religious harmony around the world.

On 22nd June 2019, the IRO Youth collaborated with OnePeople.Sg to organise a youth forum titled, “Faith x Technology: Does social media complement or conflict with religion?” when youths discussed the dynamics of technology in promoting interfaith understanding. The IRO Youth has also launched a new programme “IRO Youth Kopi Sessions”, which gives youths opportunities for close discussions with religious and interfaith leaders in Singapore and from around the world. In 2019, there were two sessions; one with IRO Council Member, Imam Habib Hassan Al-Attas, and another with Dr Leonard Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University.