Interfaith Dialogue


The doctrines of world religions are founded on the principles of doing good for humanity. Over thousands of years, faith-based beliefs have fostered the ideology of being other-centered. The spiritual values of giving charity and serving the welfare of the community, regardless of religion, is a core tenet of every faith. 

With the intent of highlighting the religious motivations that build a caring community, the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore is organising an interfaith sharing on “Giving and Being Other-Centered”. This is in support of SG Cares Giving Week 2020, which is a movement encouraging us to make giving part of our daily lives. 

Hear from Singapore’s interfaith community about building Singapore as a City of Good. 

  • Swami Samachittananda

    IRO Council Member (Hindu) and President for Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore

  • Rabbi Mordechai Abergel

    IRO Council Member (Jewish) and Chief Rabbi of Singapore

  • Venerable Sumana Thero

    IRO Council Member (Buddhist) and Secretary-General for Singapore Buddhist Federation

  • Master Benjamin Tan

     IRO Council Member (Taoist) and Special Committee Member, Taoist Federation (Singapore)

  • Reverend Ezeikel Tan

    IRO Life Member (Christian) and Vice-Chairman & General Secretary of Evangelical Alliance of Singapore and General Secretary/CEO of The Bible Society of Singapore

  • Parvitar Singh

    IRO Youth Wing Member (Sikh) and Founder of Fruits of Labour

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