Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore


The Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO) is a non-governmental organisation founded by leaders of diverse faiths to work together for religious harmony in Singapore. The understanding between religious groups by developing friendships based on mutual trust and respect.

The members from Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Taoist, Jain, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Baha’i religions constantly learn from each other and get to know one another better, fostering and enhancing inter-religious harmony in Singapore.

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Community Outreach & Engagement

Prayers & Blessings Group

The IRO Inter-Religious Prayer is a symbol of solidarity among the members of IRO religions. As a way of promoting harmony, representatives from each religion stand together, shoulder to shoulder, reciting prayers from their faiths. 

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Women of Faith

IRO’s Women of Faith is a community of interfaith engagements amongst women of different faiths. Members experience an interpersonal sharing of spiritual experiences and gain a greater understanding of one another.

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Youth Wing

The IRO Youth Wing brings together youth members, aged 18 – 39, from different religions to develop interfaith understanding and friendship through fun-filled activities and dialogues.

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Talks & Lectures Series

The IRO Talks & Lectures Series serves as an avenue for members and friends of IRO to deliberate on topics that foster a greater understanding amongst religious communities in Singapore. The talks provide intimate learning about the ten religions, while the lectures present a platform for thought leadership on topics relating to religious harmony.

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Harmony of Faiths Singapore

Harmony of Faiths Singapore is omnichannel community engagement program focused on knowledge sharing and understanding about the multi-religions in Singapore. The program comprises of talks, exhibitions, community experiences and social media sharings that deepen aim to interfaith relations.

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We The People of Singapore

We The People of Singapore is a digital initiative by IRO and Central Singapore Community Development Council to promote better awareness and understanding among Singaporeans about different faiths through digital platforms such as website and social media

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“If it was ever necessary to create harmony among leaders and followers of different religions, it is more necessary and more urgent today when the world is living in fear of Third World War. With this very idea the Inter-Religious Organisation was founded”

His Eminence Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui, Founder of IRO, 1949


Episode 1 – Dietary Restrictions

Ever wondered why religions have their dietary restrictions?
Hear them discuss the reasons why in the very first episode.

Episode 2 – Fasting

Turns out, there’s more to fasting than not eating food! In the 2nd episode of  religious leaders discuss why fasting is recommended by their faiths.


O Lord, increase in us understanding and knowledge and set us free from the bondage of greed, hatred and ignorance, so that we may awake, arise and advance until the goal is reached, giving our bodies to work and our minds to the Lord.

May we work vigorously keeping within spiritual discipline to bring peace in our hearts. peace in our families, peace in our cities, peace in our planetary home, the world.

May we learn to master ourselves, sublimate our combative energies into creative channels, and freely offer ourselves in the service of our fellowmen, and our Lord.

Help us, 0 Lord, to ever strive to keep on these lines to promote peace on earth and goodwill among men.

By Thy grace, may we all prosper.
(Prayer used at IRO meetings)

Declaration of Religious Harmony

We, the people in Singapore, declare that religious harmony is vital for peace, progress and prosperity in our multi-racial and multi-religious Nation.

We resolve to strengthen religious harmony through mutual tolerance, confidence, respect, and understanding.

We shall always

Recognise the secular nature of our State,
Promote cohesion within our society,
Respect each other’s freedom of religion,
Grow our common space while respecting our diversity,
Foster inter-religious communications,

and thereby ensure that religion will not be abused to create conflict and disharmony in Singapore.

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