RI marks Racial Harmony Day with Inter-Religious Dialogue


Besides holding cultural workshops and a poster exhibition, RI marked Racial Harmony Day on 20 July with the Inter-Religious Dialogue: Realities and Challenges in Singapore, a forum between 22 Year 5 classes and 10 religious leaders from the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO). The keynote speaker and moderator is Professor Farid Alatas from the Sociology department of the National University of Singapore.

The purpose of the forum was to foster greater awareness and understanding of the various faiths’ approach to inter-religious dialogue and to discuss the common strands in all religions that bind Singapore as a nation. The ultimate aim is to see how religion can play a powerful role in uniting people and facilitating global peace. The students also learnt more about the founding principles of the IRO and how its framework helps inter-religious dialogue.

The religious leaders, who all represent different religions, mingled with staff and students alike during the reception that followed the forum. The IRO also set up an exhibition on the traditions of the different faiths.