IRO Annual General Meeting 2012


The Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) held the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, 1 July 2012, 1:30pm, at the IRO Office at Palmer House.

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Mr Ashvin Desai welcomed members to the IRO AGM 2012, and led members in a silent prayer for world peace and harmony in Singapore. Master Chung Kwang Tong (Wei Yi) recited the Declaration for Religious Harmony.

Mr Desai, the IRO President (2011/2012), addressed the members before the Hon. Secretary (2011/2012) presented the report for the year 2011/2012.

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Election of IRO Council (2012/2013)

The IRO Council comprises of 31 members – three (3) Hindus, two (2) Jews, two (2) Zoroastrians, five (5) Buddhists, Four (4) Taoists, two (2) Jains, four (4) Christians, five (5) Muslims, two (2) Sikhs, and two (2) Baha’is.

The following religious representatives were elected to serve for one (1) year in the IRO Council.

03 Hindu04 Zoroastrian05 Zoroastrian06 Jewish07 Jewish08 Buddhist09 Buddhist10 Buddhist11 Buddhist12 Buddhist13 Taoist14 Taoist15 Taoist16 Taoist17 Jain18 Jain19 Christian20 Christian21 Christian22 Christian23 Muslim24 Muslim25 Muslim26 Muslim27 Muslim28 Sikh29 Sikh30 Baha’i31 Baha’i

01 Hindu Mr. Shriniwas Rai, JP
02 Hindu Swami Muktirupanda
03 Hindu Mr. Sneh Kant Gupta
04 Zoroastrian Mr. Neville Godres Dotivala
05 Zoroastrian Mr. Rustom M. Ghadiali
06 Jewish Mr. Victor Sassoon
07 Jewish Rabbi Mardoche Abergel
08 Buddhist Venerable Sik Kwang Sheng
09 Buddhist Venerable Seck Kwang Phing
10 Buddhist Mr. Lee Bock Guan, BBM
11 Buddhist Mr. Poo Ah Sim
12 Buddhist Mr. Pua Luck Kheng
13 Taoist Mr. Tan Thiam Lye, BBM
14 Taoist Mr. Terence Lee, PBM
15 Taoist Mr. Ling Kin Huat
16 Taoist Master Chung Kwang Tong (Wei Yi)
17 Jain Mr. Ashvin Desai
18 Jain Mr. Girish V. Kothari
19 Christian Sr. Maria Lau Wai Leng
20 Christian Sr. Theresa Seow Lee Huang
21 Christian Mr. Patrick Prakash
22 Christian Miss Janet Lim
23 Muslim Shaikh Syed Isa Semait
24 Muslim Syed Hassan Al Attas
25 Muslim Haji Abdul Karim Maidin
26 Muslim Mr. Noor Mohamed Marican
27 Muslim Assoc. Prof. Syed Farid Alatas
28 Sikh Mr. Harbans Singh P.S.
29 Sikh Mr. Gurmit Singh
30 Baha’i Mr. Kuek Yi Hsing
31 Baha’i Mr. Yeo Yew Hock


Election of IRO President (2012/2013)

The IRO Council members elected Sr. Maria Lau Wai Leng (Christian) to be the IRO President.

The Vice Presidents for IRO (2012/2013) are Shaikh Syed Isa Semait (Muslim) and Mr. Ashvin Desai (Jain).


From Left: IRO Vice-President Mr Ashvin Desai, IRO President Sr Maria Lau, IRO Vice-President Shaikh Syed Isa Semait