The Harmony Games was conceptualised to inculcate a sense of community spirit among youths of all faiths through sports and games. Community, youth and religious leaders from 10 major faiths will participate in the 10th edition of the Harmony Games.

This year’s milestone Games is organised by Harmony Centre with the support of Ministry of  Culture,  Community  and  Youth  on  Saturday,  22  July  2017.  Minister  for  Culture,  Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu, will be present as the Guest-of-Honour.

The slogan for Harmony Games 2017 is ‘Unity in Diversity, Blessings to Humanity’. The slogan is a deliberate combination of two Latin antonyms, unitas ‘unity, oneness’ and varietas ‘variety, variousness’. The slogan is fitting for a cultural hotpot that is Singapore and is a good reminder for Singaporeans to treasure the religious harmony and at the same time understand Singapore’s major faiths through games.