Objectives Of IRO

The Objectives of the Organisation shall be:

  • To inculcate the spirit of the friendship and co-operation among the leaders and followers of different religions.
  • To improve the condition of the adherents of different religious in generally accepted moral principles.
  • To organize by lawful and peaceful means a movement to eradicate the common evils prevailing among mankind.
  • To work for the achievement of peace and goodwill among mankind.
  • To promote mutual respect, assistance and protection among the adherents of different religions.
  • To conduct prayers and meditation for the well being of mankind as often as possible and convenient.
  • To promote in every way comity and co-operation among the followers of different religions for the good of mankind.
  • To organise public lectures, demonstrations, study groups, radio and television publicity in an effort to familiarize the aims of the Organisation.
  • To take such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings or otherwise as may become necessary or expedient in the interests of mankind.
  • To publish, circulate and distribute periodicals, leaflets or newsletters that the Organisation may think advisable for the promotion of its objectives.
  • To intensify efforts in any other respect towards making the Organisation an effective body of friendship and brotherhood among the adherents of different religions without compromising any of his/her religious values.
  • To accept affiliation, if desired, from or with any institution, society or association having objectives similar to those of the Organisation and to co-operate and work with any person or persons in furtherance of the objectives of the Organisation.
  • And to generally do or perform necessary actions conducive to the attainment of t objectives of the Organisation.